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How to Change Front Door Lock

To make sure that your home is protected against the threat of an experienced burglar, be sure you have a reliable front door lock. These 10 steps will guide you in how to replace your door lock. Make sure you … Read more

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock

How To Lock a Door Without a Lock?

Not all doors are fitted with locks, interior doors which are not designed to be locked for example, other times it may be that the lock does not work properly. There are ways to “lock” such doors, at least in … Read more

Impact of Cold Weather on Your Locks

The Impact of Cold Weather on Your Locks

Winter is coming everybody! And now is exactly the right time to read our review about the impact of cold weather on your locks, and more importantly, what to do about it when it happens and how to prevent it … Read more

keyless system

What kind of lock should my locksmith install?

As the technology advances, so with the burglars. These thieves are now getting wiser regardless of how advanced the door locks are installed. They can easily get into someone else’s property through the use of certain tools. In fact, most … Read more

Best Safes For Home Use

Best Safes For Home Use

Before we discuss the best safes for home use, and the pros and cons of using each, let us elaborate more on why it is considered a necessity to have a safe in your home. Safes are ideal places for … Read more

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