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What kind of lock should my locksmith install?

As the technology advances, so with the burglars. These thieves are now getting wiser regardless of how advanced the door locks are installed. They can easily get into someone else’s property through the use of certain tools. In fact, most of them are knowledgeable and skilled with any locks or security systems that manufacturers are producing. Thus, to make sure that you have installed the right locks for your needs, here are the differences between Mortis, Deadbolt and Keyless locks.

Mortise LocksMortise-Locks

A mortise lock has a large and rectangular body that fits in a mortise or a similarly shaped pocket carved in the edge of the door. Its lock houses the knob or handle, deadbolt and latch. When looking at a door with mortis lock, one can see a durable metal plate securely installed in place. Its locking device is thick and made of steel bolt that slides when a key is turned. Thus, this kind of lock is popular in upscale residential or commercial constructions. Apart from its various styles, security is also achieved. However, according to locksmiths, the biggest drawback in this kind of lock is the skill required to install it. Since its lock body needs be in place, the door must be carved out with perfection. Familiarity with woodworking is essential in order to achieve a definite fit of the lock. Locksmiths should not only be expert in lock installation but also in woodworking.


Deadbolts on the other hand is another kind of locks that are more secured than the typical door locks. It is often a secondary option for several homeowners who wish to have an added security feature in their front doors. There are three different kinds of deadbolts – the single cylinder, double cylinder and keyless entry deadbolts. The single cylinder deadbolt has a key cylinder in one side of its lock while the double cylinder deadbolt has key cylinders in both sides. Meanwhile, the keyless entry deadbolt can be operated through a remote control, fingerprint readers and alphanumeric keypad. The only disadvantage of a single cylinder deadbolt is that the burglar can still open the property when there is a window or glass nearby. The double cylinder deadbolt can be a great advantage as well for individuals with children around, but a lost key can bring a lot of difficulties in opening or closing the door. Lastly, the keyless entry deadbolt has a hefty price so buying it can be a great expense.

Keyless locks

From the name itself, keyless locks do not require keys. This has been a popular option to several homeowners because they do not have to worry in losing or bringing the key anywhere. They will just place their fingerprints or go through an eye scanning device to enter the house. Although this kind of lock is expensive, its advancement provides a lot of convenience and optimum security. Burglars who try to gain access to the house will not be successful and homeowners will be alarmed. There are variety of keyless locks available so it is not difficult to choose the appropriate design.



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