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Key Cutting Sugar Land

When you think of locksmith services, key cutting usually comes up as one of the most common solutions provided by locksmiths. Key cutting can mean making an entirely new key or making a duplicate key.  It is always recommended to have at least one set of spare keys, so should you lose your keys, you won’t need to go through the process of making a new key and lock. You simply can use your spare key to make a copy set.

How Key Cutting Works:

How does key cutting work? Delta Locksmith Sugar Land team brings you an easy and simple article to answer your questions. Our Sugar Land locksmiths can assure you that key cutting is a relatively simple process. All the necessary technologies, and key cutting machine can be found in the well-equipped Delta Locksmith van. First, the locksmith will take a key blank most appropriate to your particular lock. Excess metal is cut or shaved off through the machine in order to match the correct shape of the original key. When it comes to standard locks, this can be done quickly. It is also an inexpensive service. But how exactly does it work? Two keys are inserted into the key cutting machine. One is the original (or spare key) and the other is from the key bank. The blade of the blank key will be flat so, the original key is used as a guide for the key cutting machine. Both keys are held in place next to each other with the original key used to guide the cutting device. The key cutting machine will then cut the indentations and grooves as required to make a perfect copy of the original, insuring a perfect fit with the relevant lock. T. The next step in the process of deburring.  Deburring is the process of filing down any sharp edges that might be left on the new key as a result of cutting. This prevents anyone from getting cut on the key and will also prevent any damage to the lock itself.

The process described above typically involves a pattern grinder, but there other devices such as punch machines, which takes measurements of the original key and then punches the blank key repeatedly until it is ready. This is a slightly more complicated process and usually only older and more experienced locksmiths do this in order to get more accurate results. You can trust Delta Locksmith Sugar Land to make sure your duplicate keys or new keys work perfectly with your lock.

If you are interested in a free estimate of key cutting, contact Delta Locksmith at (800) 519-2400. If you are specifically looking for Sugar Land key cutting, you please visit our Sugar Land page and contact our local team at (281) 201-1760.