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Will Cars Have Keys in the Future?

Looking Into the Security Technology

Technology has sure come a long way since the inception of the first Ford Model T in 1909. Google has taken their autonomous cars to the road, after receiving approval from Nevada legislation not too long ago. Autonomous cars are also known as robotic cars because they basically drive themselves. These particular vehicles give us a glimpse into the future of automotive technology. You can do so many features with only a few taps of your smartphone. These features include locking and unlocking your vehicle, which is a giant step into the future. It also beckons the question of whether or not we will need to have keys in the future.

Car keys can be dropped and lost at almost any moment, but they are still viable objects. If you lose your smartphone, you could be in a lot more trouble. A thief could not only gain access to your vehicle, they can also clean your bank account out and potentially burglarize your home. You can always have your keys duplicated if you lose them someplace. You can’t replace the valuable data and information that could be potentially stolen from your smartphone device. There are apps that offer a reasonable amount of protection against them by encrypting your data in case you lose your phone. As technology continues to evolve, our need for traditional items will be replaced and upgraded. Besides for car keys, you will no longer need to have wallets in the future, since you can swipe your credit card through a device on your smartphone to pay for things. Car keys still have a place in present day society, so don’t count them out just yet.

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