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Key Cutting Sugar Land

At one time or another, many (if not most) of us have needed a locksmith services. Whether this is because you’ve accidentally broken the original key in the lock, lost it altogether, or need a duplicate, key cutting is one of the most common services today’s locksmiths provide. But how does it work?

Special machines are used to create keys, but there are various models for different types of keys: car keys, house keys, skeleton keys etc. Depending on the skillset, experience, and even budget of the locksmith you visit, the machine they use will either be a manual, laser, automatic, or code design.

Keys are created by shaping a blank key (which has a flat blade) to match the exact design of the original: the machine – regardless of the type used – will cut/shave metal away until both keys are identical. For new keys for new locks, your locksmith will simply create a pattern in the key which matches the lock’s internal arrangement of pins – this is usually fairly quick and simple.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of key-cutting machines available, and how they differ:


These machines are generally used for standard house keys, and operate by holding both the original and blank key in place, on top of each other. The locksmith will then manually use the machine to trace the pattern of the original key onto the blank, until both are identical.

manual key cutting


These are a little easier to use than manual machines, with the original and blank keys placed separately in vice grips. The machine traces the pattern of the original with a stylus, while cutting this same shape into the blank template at the same time – this offers a much faster service than manuals, though they are a little more expensive.

key cutting machine


These machines are basically the same as automatics, using a laser to cut the blank key rather than a blade. Lasers can also add dimples to a key’s surface, which some of today’s more advanced key systems demand.

key cutting process


These cutting machines use codes to understand the exact pattern to be cut into a key: these codes are either entered into the machine manually, or via a card holding the details. This requires less input, and can be left to create keys without supervision.

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