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Realtors / Foreclosure Service

Certified Locksmith Services For Dallas and Houston Realtors

Delta Locksmith and Associates  is offering a 24/7 personal service for realtors. This unique service enables realtors dealing with foreclosure properties to control and publish a specific property without leaving the office.

Below is a step by step outline of a unique realtors’ foreclosure service:

  • The real-estate agent needs to complete an account application with all the necessary agency information (this process can be done by e-mail or fax).
  • The property address and information will be forwarded by phone or e-mail.
  • A trained foreclosure locksmith technicians will be dispatched to the property.
  • The tech will open the door with as minimal damage to the lock as possible (whenever feasible the lock will be picked to open it).
  • After opening the door the tech will change the key combination and will leave a new key set in a lock box, outside the property.
  • After finishing with the locksmith tasks, the tech will take photos of both the inside and the outside of the property.
  • When the job is completed the realtor will receive an e-mail with the combination of the lock-box and the photos of the property.

This unique process was developed by Delta Locksmith and Associates and enables real estate agents to sell a foreclose property with minimal visits to the property.

Delta Locksmith is licensed, insured, and specialized in commercial accounts.

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