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Missouri City Locksmith - Home Security Tips

Home burglaries are more likely to happen when you are not home. As a result, you need to read Delta Locksmith Missouri City’s “Words of Advice” on how to improve your home security. Some tips may cost money, but most of these tips you can follow on your own without making a trip to the hardware store or local locksmith shop.

How to Improve Your Home Security

Delta Missouri City Locksmith wants to share with you some home security tips that will help your home become more burglar resistant.  Be sure to read through these carefully and if you try out even a few of these, you will be closer to having a more secure home.

  • New home, new locks: When moving into a new residence, change all locks as you never know who has a copy of your key. You can also ask for rekeying services, in which can your lock’s tumbler system will be changed so a totally different kind of key will work (and the old keys won’t work).
  • Think like a burglar: Pretend to be a burglar yourself, and try to think of ways to break into your own home.  Study your home and observe any weaknesses in its security.
  • Lock your house door: Never leave the main door unlocked as this is the first place to which most thieves go for before attempting other methods.
  • Lock windows: Before leaving your house, make sure all windows are sealed properly.
  • Balcony door: Never leave the balcony door unlocked at night or when going out. Balconies could provide easy access to burglars.
  • When going out, leave a light or the TV/Stereo on: A burglar in action would be deterred by the noise, and would not want to take a chance if it seems like someone is at home. Never make your home appear empty by turning all the lights off.
  • Get a dog: A dog bark can serve as a warning and attract attention, something burglars try to avoid.
  • No dog? You can still have a sign! A sign in the lawn or by your front door can deter burglars. Make sure the sign is in a conspicuous spot, so it can be easily seen when approaching your home.
  • Spare key: Never leave a spare key under the door mat. Delta Locksmith Missouri City does not recommend leaving a spare key left anywhere around your home. Even if you can come up with a creative secret place to hide your key, if anyone ever sees you obtaining your key from that location, it is no longer reliable.  The better option would be to leave your spare key with a neighbor whom you can trust.
  • Lost key: Change your lock if you ever lose your key.
  • Garage doors: Garage doors provide access into your home, so treat them as any other door; make sure they are locked properly, as well as the door that leads from the garage room to your residence.
  • Get safety bars on windows: Especially if your home is located in a bad area or on the first floor/street level. If you would rather not due to aesthetic reasons, then get windows that are extra secure (with a secondary lock) and make sure they are installed correctly
  • Close drapes: Try to keep drapes closed in rooms with expensive equipment that could provide burglars a glimpse.
  • Get a safe: A safe can help protect not only valuables but also important paperwork, cheque books, bank statements and financial records. Identity theft is a big issue these days and safes offer a good way to protect your documents. We at Delta Locksmith Missouri City offer different types of safes, some offer better security than others; Shop around and find out which best suits your needs.
  • Alarm system: If a burglar managed to break into your house, an alarm system could deter him from proceeding. Investing in a home alarm system really pays off, as it tends to reduce the rate of break-ins. However, it is important to make sure that the alarm system is connected to a police or a monitoring station so that when the alarm goes off, someone will actually respond.
  • No Alarm System? At least get a sign to display that you have one!  Just with the “Beware of the dog” signs, seeing that a home is “supposedly” protected by an advanced security system can also do the trick to prevent a break-in.

Delta Missouri City Locksmith (281) 506-0736 is a fully certified locksmith company with years of experience in the field of home security. Delta Locksmith’s wide range of lock and key services include residential, commercial and car locksmith. Anything from: lock picking, key cutting, spare key making, car key replacement and home security services are available 24 hours a day. It is fully licensed, bonded and insured . Feel free to call our expert locksmith team in Missouri City to answer any home security questions you may have!

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