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If you need an emergency door or trunk opening anywhere in the Grapevine area, you can contact Delta Locksmith 24 hours a day. A stubborn door or trunk lock can cause you tremendous problems and may need to be replaced right away. We can safely pop open any stubborn trunk lock and safely pry open any vehicle door, so that you’re never left out there in the Texas heat. We use a very soft touch and patented safety method of opening stuck door and trunk locks. We can replace any lock you need while you wait or duplicate any specific model car key you need on the spot. Losing your car keys is no longer an issue when Delta Locksmith is on call. We’ll be by your side in less than a half hour to help get you safely on your way. We’re quick, reliable and very affordable, so it’s no wonder our name is atop the list of all locksmith companies in the state of Texas! We really are that good!

Full Range of Locksmith Services for the Home, Car, and Office!

Do you remember the last time you checked your home alarm system to see if it works properly? It could have been months or even years since you last had your alarm system inspected. You never want to take any chances with a malfunctioning alarm system that won’t beep or work when you need it to. We carry the most trusted alarm systems that were built and designed to keep intruders out of your home.

If you’re having any problems removing a broken ignition key, we can have that safely done for you in a way that we preserve the ignition altogether. Our highly trained specialists will save you a great deal of money by simply extracting the damaged ignition key on the spot, so you don’t have to spend extra money at a local auto body garage shop. You always get the best quality and most secured services with Delta Locksmith!

It’s no secret that Delta Locksmith stands in a totally different league when it comes to safety and quickly helping people in emergency situations. You only need to browse through our testimonials to see further proof of how efficient and professional our services really are. We work throughout the Grapevine territory and we’re available 24/7 to assist. Give us a call anytime and we’ll give you an outstanding quote you’re sure to like.

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