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Locksmith Tool Kit

Essential Tools for the Professional Locksmith

Being a locksmith requires many things. First of all, it requires an interest in the field – you have to be interested in locksmithing, security, and the complex working mechanisms of locks and keys. Additionally, it requires extensive training and … Read more


2014 Infographic

2014 was a great year for us. As we look back on it, we can only be thankful to our customers, for putting their confidence on our reliability and professionalism.

window security

Important Information You Need To Know About Window Security

How to Burglar Proof Your Windows Never has it been more important to be aware of the newest tactics that thieves and burglars employ to break inside a house. However, one thing hasn’t changed: burglars will target the weakest points … Read more

Door Security

Everything You Need To Know About Door Security

Everything You Need To Know About Door Security Burglary in the form of breaking the door to get inside a house is one of the most common and typical ways that have been attempted and resulted in successful burglaries. According … Read more

Using lights for house security

How to Use Light for Home Security

Expert Tips on How to Use Light for Home Securit Having your house broken into is not the most pleasant thing to go through, to say the least. Fortunately, there are some easy to implement precautions that can scare off … Read more