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Using lights for house security

How to Use Light for Home Security

Expert Tips on How to Use Light for Home Securit Having your house broken into is not the most pleasant thing to go through, to say the least. Fortunately, there are some easy to implement precautions that can scare off … Read more

Lock history | Delta Locksmith

The History of locks

The minute human kind had found, created, or developed something that was regarded as worth saving, locks had been invented. Actually, the earliest lock known today was discovered by archeologists in an excavation near Nineveh and is estimated to be … Read more


Staying Safe at Home

5 Tips That Can Make Your House a Safer Place Here are 5 tips that you can follow to make your home a safer place: 1. Alarm System – Every home should have a functional alarm security system installed. These … Read more

Locksmith Saves Life

Locksmith Saves Life

A Locksmith’s Job is Very Rewarding Locksmiths face difficult challenges everyday, but this is truly a remarkable story. 4 unlucky teenagers found themselves trapped within the confines of a vault in the Chautauqua County Town of Ellicott. The group of … Read more

Home Security

Home Security System Maintenance

Keeping a Home Security System in Great Working Condition The only thing worse than not having a home security system is to have a malfunctioning system inside your house. Keeping your home security system in perfect working condition is unbelievably … Read more