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Change Your Locks

Why do you need a locksmith on your moving day

I love living in a new home, getting used to my new surroundings, enjoying the new scenery. I can’t believe that I used to I abhor moving day. Everything about the actual move stressed me out. I’d done it so … Read more

Dallas 24 hour locksmith

Lost Key Solutions

Different Keys Require Different Solutions A lost key can be a major hassle because it’s not just getting a key replacement, it also means doing damage control and making sure your lost key won’t cause more problems by not being … Read more


Locksmith FAQs

Here at Delta Locksmith, we get hundreds of phone calls from customers asking us questions about locksmith issues, locks, keys, car keys, transponder keys, etc. Over the years we have started to notice a set of questions that seem to … Read more

Security Gadgets

The Process of Key Cutting

At one time or another, many (if not most) of us have needed a locksmith services. Whether this is because you’ve accidentally broken the original key in the lock, lost it altogether, or need a duplicate, key cutting is one … Read more


24 Hr Locksmith Services Across Dallas, TX Area

Are you looking for a 24 hour locksmith in Dallas or one of the surrounding cities? From Allen to Mesquite, Delta Locksmith is dedicated to providing quality locksmith services to the residents in and around Dallas, TX. 24 Hr Locksmith … Read more